How To Prepare For Surgery


Pre-registration includes the admission forms, the billing forms, co-payments and money matters. If possible, bring relevant parts of your medical history; e.g., x-rays, consultation etc., from other healthcare providers.

You will be required to pay any co-payments or uncovered fees on the morning of surgery.

Please contact us at (888) 590-6849 if you have any questions regarding pre-registration.

The Night Before Surgery

We will make every effort to contact you personally the day before surgery. This call is intended to help us prepare for your visit and help you better prepare for your stay. During this call, we will be asked a routine set of questions. You will be given instructions as to what time you are expected; medications you may take unless indicated otherwise by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, fasting requirements and other arrangements you may need to make.

The following items should be removed or left home on the day of surgery:

The following is a listing of items you must bring the day of surgery:

If you notice any recent change in your health, particularly fever, colds, etc. or you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, please notify your surgeon and The Center immediately.

If the patient is a minor, at least one parent/guardian must remain on the premises at all times and accompany the child home.

Patients who have had sedation or anesthesia will not be permitted to drive or take public transportation following their procedure. Please make appropriate arrangements prior to the day of surgery. If you have been given general anesthesia, you must have a companion with you for at least twelve hours after surgery.

The Morning Of Surgery

You may take a shower or bath. When brushing teeth, please be sure not to swallow or ingest any water. Do not use make-up, hair spray, nail polish or toiletries as these may affect anesthesia monitoring.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes including low-heeled comfortable shoes. Shirts or blouses with buttons in front are usually best. When you arrive, we will provide you with a surgical gown and non-slip socks to wear during your visit.

Please make every effort to arrive on time for your appointment. Our goal is to minimize every patient’s wait time prior to surgery.

Checklist before leaving home:

Recovery At Home

Your surgeon will have prepared you for your post-operative treatment plan. We strongly encourage you to make arrangements to have an adult family member or companion to assist you during the post-op period. The nurse will relay any special instructions to you before you leave The Center for Ambulatory Surgery. Written instructions will be given to both you and your family member/companion as well.

Guidelines include the following: